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Welcome to the Gorman Group


The pictures above are of the Wright Brothers Museum in Dayton, Ohio.  Aside from the fact it is an historic landmark, the difference in architectural details between the front and rear of the building add to the complexity of the appraisal and its "unusualness."

The Gorman Group is a full service real estate commercial appraisal company.  From our main office in Chicago we are well situated to provide real estate appraisal services on a national basis.....and we do (see map of states where we have worked recently).  

With associate appraisers across the nation, we have an appraiser in virtually every major metropolitan area.  Some of our experts specialize in niche areas like golf courses, mineral valuations or partial interest appraisals.  Other appraisers have unique geographical expertise (like the Florida Keys).  Our appraisers have  worked on assignments addressing numerous unusual or complex or otherwise difficult commercial properties from Chicago to California to Florida to Washington and Oregon.  The portfolio of assignments our appraisers have completed reflects a remarkable degree of diversity.  

Our clients are almost as diverse as the scope of our work and include entities such as the National Park Service, CitiCorp, Monsanto, The Nature Conservancy, The Department of the Interior, U.S. Silica, The Small Business Administration (SBA), and Humana, Inc.  

Regardless of their diversity, our clients have one thing in common: they all need more than just a supportable valuation of real estate, they require an appraiser with diverse experience for an accurate appraisal.  

The values of unusual or unique real estate are not arrived at by a simple formula or calculation.  Arriving at these values takes in-depth market research and detailed analysis. It takes an appraiser with knowledge of the past, an appraiser able to interpret the present and an appraiser able to provide guided expectations of the future. It also takes a good deal of common sense.  

Since these types of properties are much more difficult to appraise, why do we specialize in them? Basically, because they are more fun. . . and if you have to work, why not enjoy it.  Whether you need an appraiser for a special property, The Gorman Group can provide the information you need.  

It should be noted that while we appraise typical commercial and industrial properties - as well as the unusual ones - we do not appraise residential properties.


NOTE : If you are thinking of ordering an appraisal for financing purposes, please consult with your lender first.  Federal law dictates that banks must order the appraisal - not the borrower.







There is no need to read beyond this point. 

The following list of unusual properties has been placed  at the bottom of this page to "assist" search engines in finding our web pages for you - basically, it is a list of keywords representing some of the various types of properties we have appraised (other key words are included):

appraiser, appraise, appraisal, bowling alley, QSR, Quick Service Restaurant, shopping center, aircraft hanger, airport, exposition center, marina, marine slip, mobile home park, tennis club, banquet hall, junk yard, scrap yard, contaminated land, wetland, wetlands, swamp, floodplain, floodway, car wash, golf course, country club, Internal Revenue Service, conservation, telephone exchange, racquetball court, composting facility, hospital, health care, clinic, medical, conversancy,  nursing home, congregate living facility, congregate care, ACLF, assisted care living facility, automobile dealership, waste transfer station, convent, church, rectory, public storage, funeral parlor, Northwest Indiana, health club, garage, IRS, gift appraisal, gifting, quarry, quick lube, veterinary hospital, dental office, recycling center, newspaper plant, micro brewery, industrial condominium, office condominium, greenhouse, bar, tavern, lodge, hotel condominium, appraiser, food processing, sport facility, soccer facility, Burger King, Taco Bell, Arby's, Wendy's, Pizza Hut, Northern Illinois, Chicago, Chicagoland, KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, high rise, high-rise, waterfront, duck blind, hunting, unique, unusual, rare, special purpose, riverfront, lake front, lakefront, motel, hotel, senior citizen housing,  mark to market, partial interest, landfill, go cart track, amusement, arcade, gymnastics facility, chapel,  apartment building, apartment complex, multi-family, warehouse, distribution, manufacturing, factory, industrial, office research, vacant land, lots, subdivision, strip center, neighborhood shopping center, community shopping center, big box, retail, leasehold value, leased fee, lease analysis, partial interest  zoning map for bedford park Illinois, zoning map for justice illinois, zoning map for hodgkins illinois 

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