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Northwest Indiana           219-926-8805

The Gorman Group’s Indiana presence is centered in the Chesterton - Valpraiso areas of Porter County.  This office performs appraisals of all types of properties including houses

Appraisals completed in the area include properties unusual properties such as like Crescent Dune, salvage (or junk) yards, office buildings, lakefront properties (houses and vacant land), industrial buildings, wetlands, flood plain property and typical commercial properties.  The Northern Indiana office is the only office that performs house appraisals. 

The Northwest Indiana office is staffed by two appraisers Kim Redelman, the office manager, and Robert Anton.  Both Kim and Rob are intimately familiar with the areas living in Valparaiso and Chesterton, respectively.

The office serves the following counties:  Porter County, LaPorte (La Porte) County, Lake County, Jasper County, Starke County, Newton County, St Joseph County, Pulaski County,  and Marshall County. 

Communities we serve include:

Lake County

Gary, Indiana (Lake County),  Hammond, Indiana (Lake County)  ,  Schererville, Indiana (Lake County),  Hobart, Indiana (Lake County),  New Chicago, Indiana (Lake County),  Highland, Indiana (Lake County),  Merrillville, Indiana (Lake County),  Griffith, Indiana (Lake County),  St John Saint John St. John, Indiana (Lake County),  Crown Point, Indiana (Lake County),  Cedar Lake, Indiana (Lake County),  Lowell, Indiana (Lake County),  Miller, Indiana (Lake County)

Porter County

Ogden Dunes, Indiana (Porter County),  Dune Acres, Indiana (Porter County),  Porter, Indiana (Porter County),  Chesterton, Indiana (Porter County),  Portage, Indiana (Porter County),  Valparaiso, Indiana (Porter County),  Beverly Shores, Indiana (Porter County),  Town of Pines, Indiana (Porter County),  Hebron, Indiana (Porter County),  Kouts, Indiana (Porter County),  Wheeler, Indiana (Porter County),  Lakes of the Four Seasons, Indiana (Porter County),  Burns Harbor, Indiana (Porter County)

La Porte County (LaPorte County)

Michigan City, Indiana (La Porte County),  La Porte, Indiana (La Porte County),  Westville, Indiana (La Porte County),  Long Beach, Indiana (La Porte County),  Michiana Shores, Indiana (La Porte County),  Long Beach, Indiana (La Porte County),  Springville, Indiana (La Porte County),  Rolling Prairie, Indiana (La Porte County),  Mill Creek, Indiana (La Porte County),  Stillwell, Indiana (La Porte County),  Kingsbury, Indiana (La Porte County),  Kingsford Heights, Indiana (La Porte County),  Wellsboro, Indiana (La Porte County),  Union Mills, Indiana (La Porte County),  Hanna, Indiana (La Porte County),  Wanatah, Indiana (La Porte County)

St Joseph County Saint Joseph St. Joseph

South Bend, Indiana (St Joseph County),  Mishawaka, Indiana (St Joseph County),  Granger, Indiana (St Joseph County),  Westfield, Indiana (St Joseph County),  Plainfield, Indiana (St Joseph County),  Hamilton, Indiana (St Joseph County),  New Carlisle, Indiana (St Joseph County),  North Liberty, Indiana (St Joseph County),  Lakeview, Indiana (St Joseph County),  Wyatt, Indiana (St Joseph County)

Starke County

Knox, Indiana (Starke County),  Hamlet, Indiana (Starke County),  North Judson, Indiana (Starke County),  San Pierre, Indiana (Starke County),  Denham, Indiana (Starke County),  Bass Lake, Indiana (Starke County), Ora, Indiana (Starke County)

Pulaski County

Winamac, Indiana (Pulaski County),  Star City, Indiana (Pulaski County)

Jasper County

Rensselaer, Indiana (Jasper County),  Gifford, Indiana (Jasper County),  Fair Oaks, Indiana (Jasper County)

Newton County

Roselawn, Indiana (Newton County)  Roselawn is the home of world famous Ponderosa Sun Club which we have not appraised - but are hoping to , Lake Village, Indiana (Newton County),  Newton, Indiana (Newton County)


NOTE : If you are thinking of ordering an appraisal for financing purposes, please consult with your lender first.  Federal law dictates that banks must order the appraisal - not the borrower.

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