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The Gorman Group news/library was created in order to share information you may find interesting or useful. From time to time, new things will be added.

Illinois Real Estate Letters

The Illinois Real Estate Letter was published from 1987 to 2002 by the University of Illinois Office of Real Estate Research. ORER was a cooperative effort between the University and leaders of the Illinois real estate community.

While the content was created some years ago, much of the thought, information and discussion presented is still relevant and interesting. Below are pdfs of the issues we have in our office.


Summer/Fall 1994

Winter/Spring 1995

Summer/Fall 1995

Winter/Spring 1996

Summer/Fall 1996

Winter 1997

Spring 1997

Summer 1997

Fall 1997

Winter 1998

Spring 1998

Summer 1998

Fall 1998

Winter 1999

Spring 1999

Summer 1999

Fall 1999

Winter/Spring 2000

Winter/Spring 2001

Spring/Summer 2002



NOTE : If you are thinking of ordering an appraisal for financing purposes, please consult with your lender first.  Federal law dictates that banks must order the appraisal - not the borrower.

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