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Gorman Group, Ltd. provides national services from its offices located in Illinois (metropolitan Chicago).  Since 1965 the Gorman Group has provided quality professional real estate services to hundreds of clients ranging from the Federal Government to major financial institutions like Citicorp.

The depth of our knowledge stems from the "hands on" experience of construction, sales and, of course, appraising.  From building banks to developing network location strategies, the Gorman Group has provided real estate support services to virtually every aspect of the business world.  

                   historic property - appraised

                         Childhood home of Ronald Reagan - appraised by the Gorman Group

The Gorman Group’s principal field of expertise is appraisal valuation.  With roots in the heart of America’s industrial belt, our industrial experience is wide and diverse.  Having performed appraisals of defunct steel mills, contaminated land, wetlands, and floodplains we have significant experience with distressed property. 

Conversely, we have performed appraisals of high-rise office buildings, hotel condominiums, USDA compliant buildings, and numerous fast food restaurants.  We are experienced in both sides of the market.

Litigation support, MACRS allocations, and eminent domain and market value appraisals are just some of the services we provide. For a more complete list click here.

Since we are a Chicago based company, a large percentage of our work is in this area.  However, the Gorman Group has the resources to provide national coverage and does.  We have performed appraisals from New York to California and from Washington (State) to Florida....and as the train conductors used to say, “and all stops in-between.” 

As a part of a small network of specialists, we provide many services that very few companies have the expertise to tackle.  For example, Michael Cartwright is one of the leading international experts in mineral valuation, and for partial interest appraisals, Walt Humphrey, is recognized as the leading national expert on partial interest appraisals.

The Gorman Group prides itself on its ability to handle the most unusual real estate problems – properties that others lack the experience to attempt.  This is an important factor in any assignment in light of the current federally mandated standards regarding competency.

The wide-ranging diversity of the Gorman Group’s experience provides our clients with the knowledge that their assignments, whether unusual, or typical, simple or complex, will be managed with the highest level of expertise.

For a list of some of our more unusual assignments, click here.



NOTE : If you are thinking of ordering an appraisal for financing purposes, please consult with your lender first.  Federal law dictates that banks must order the appraisal - not the borrower.

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