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In recent years there have been a number of questions raised about what appraisal reports are to contain.  For appraisers specializing in residential real estate the answer is provided by various form reports – both the appraiser and the client know which form is appropriate to the assignment and the work proceeds accordingly.

For commercial, industrial, and special purpose appraisals, such as the type our company provides, resolution of the report format is more difficult.  Many appraisers and virtually all of the clients are confused by the allowable formats.  Clients are confused because they get conflicting information from different appraisers…and appraisers are confused because the regulatory agencies change the rules every other year.

Today, the substance of an appraisal report is dictated by the “scope of work” agreed upon between the appraiser and client.  Then, the format of the report can be addressed in one of three ways: a restricted report, a summary report or a self-contained report.  

Our experience is that the great majority of clients want either a restricted report or a summary report.  The basic difference between these two types of reports is that in a restricted report there is very minimal information – basically, just a value.  A summary report, on the other hand, provides information allowing the client to get a feel for how the value was developed.  There is a third type of report format – a self-contained report, but the need for that type of report is very limited.  We never recommend a self-contained report format for our clients.  Self-contained reports are very expensive and for the vast majority of clients, overkill.

Clients wanting more than just a value (the restricted report format) have varying needs.  Some just want a brief overview of the local market and others want to know considerable detail.  Both of types of clients can be served with a summary report.  Summary reports can range from very simple to complex


NOTE : If you are thinking of ordering an appraisal for financing purposes, please consult with your lender first.  Federal law dictates that banks must order the appraisal - not the borrower.

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